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If the answer is Yes, then we can help! Students enrolled in college sometimes don't realize that there is a place for them to compete in intercollegiate competition in skiing and snowboarding. More than 160 colleges across the United States have established alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding programs. Many universities offer collegiate programs, but they don't fall under the department of athletics, so they go without notice until after you have entered college. There are three common areas where ski and snowboard teams reside at universities: department of athletics, department of recreation (sportsclubs), or office of student affairs (clubs). All three levels compete together in the USCSA under NCAA Division II rules. (If your program is NCAA Division I, your team will be required to abide by policies that are more stringent than some of your counterparts, but it will not have any bearing on the actual competitions themselves.) If you attend a college that is not listed in our Member Schools, you can easily start a team at your university. The best first step is to reach out to us at the USCSA - get in contact with either Laura Sullivan or Collin Casper. Please remember, regardless of which university you attend, there is a place for you to ski or snowboard competitively and we can help.