To Parents

Volunteering at National Championships

We are an all-volunteer organization and operate in similar format to the International Olympic Committee, where we depend on parent volunteers to help with different aspects of competition.  If you are able to help out at the USCSA National Championship, please email Collin Casper, Marketing Director for the USCSA at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Getting Involved Locally

Each of our eleven conferences operates with their own management team.  What one conference does is not a guarantee for the rest of the conferences.  All eleven conferences do follow a set of uniform policies and procedures defined by the USCSA Board of Directors.  Some conferences will need more parent volunteer support than others.  The best way to volunteer is to reach out to the conference coordinator and find out if there is a need for volunteer officials.  If there is no need for volunteer officials, we still want to encourage you to come out and watch your children compete on the mountain.  Please also keep in mind that some host mountains provide discounted tickets for parents and others do not - the USCSA does not have any control over these policies and we request that you respect the rights of these host mountains.

Encouraging your Children to Compete

As a parent, it goes without saying that you want to do what's best for your child.  At the same time, your child is growing into an adult and will need to make decisions on their own.  We want to encourage you to support your child, but also remember that when competing in the USCSA, your child is developing their own independence, learning about teamwork and for some programs, learning about leadership as a team captain or club president.  Please support them by encouraging this growth in independence.  If at any point in time you have an issue that you feel needs being addressed, please direct these to the conference coordinator who oversees the competitions where your child competes - please do not bring these issues to the host mountain personnel, as they do not have any decision-making in administration of your child's competitions.

Helping your Child Decide Which College to Attend

Many parents don't even realize that their college-bound children have the ability to ski or snowboard while in college.  Regardless of which university your child decides to attend, there is a place for them to ski or snowboard competitively.    Many universities offer collegiate programs, but they don't fall under the department of athletics, so they go without notice until after your child enters college.  There are three common areas where ski and snowboard teams reside at universities:  department of athletics, department of recreations (sportsclubs), or office of student affairs (clubs).  All three levels compete together in the USCSA under NCAA Division II rules.

If your child really wants to attend a college that is not listed in our Member Schools, your child can easily start a team at their university. Please reach out to the USCSA if there is no current program at your child's unversity and we can work with your child to make it a reality.

Ultimately, the decision of which university your child attends is comprised of many different elements and it is in the best interest for your child to attend the university that 'fits' them the best, but also provides the best opportunities for academic growth and future potential.  Skiing and snowboarding can compliment them throughout their studies and provide them with opportunities for athletics and teamwork development.