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The United States Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association is the sports federation for collegiate team ski racing and snowboarding in America. You can be part of a team at any college in the United States. The USCSA has an alpine, cross country, freestyle, jumpingĀ or snowboard collegiate competition program for you. If your college does not have a team, we can assist you in getting one started.

The USCSA assures that student/athletes, of all levels and abilities should have access to a quality and exciting venue of competition. The USCSA also recognizes, that for athletes to be truly successful individuals, academics should take priority over skisport competition. To help foster this, the USCSA stresses education first and offers a variety of academic based awards.

In excess of 178 colleges from coast to coast, field some 4,700 men and women, alpine, cross country and snowboarding athletes in over 200 race events annually. Competition takes place across three progressive tiers. Conference qualifiers determine the participants at the six USCSA Regional Championships. The Regionals are the last step on the road to the annual U. S. Collegiate Skiing and Snowboard Championships, the showcase event in college ski and snowboard competition.

Team performance is emphasized within the USCSA, a departure form the typical individual or world cup scoring format in skiing. Teams field five racers with the top three performances being used for the team score. Most former USCSA athletes agree that the USCSA's team orientation has been the seed for developing and nurturing a team approach in other aspects of their lives and careers.

Overall team performance is considered separately for each discipline, so a college can field any single or combination of a women's alpine, men's alpine, women's cross country, men's cross country, women's snowboarding, men's snowboarding, women's freestyle, men's freestyle, women's jumping and men's jumping.